Sunday, April 27, 2008

Woo-ed at Soccerpalooza

Soccer skills wow crowd
SCOTT FONTAINE; Tacoma News Tribune

Published: April 27th, 2008

At SoccerPalooza in Tacoma, a South Korean soccer artist known simply as Mr. Woo impresses hundreds of spectators with his command of the ball.

Fifteen-year-old Hannah Branch relished watching Mr. Woo run around the artificial turf field while bouncing the soccer ball on his head. Her friend Kaylee Garvey, 14, enjoyed the ways he juggled the ball with his legs.

Two 12-year-olds from Kent, Desirae Woodford and Kendra Wallace, compared their favorites of the routine: Desirae liked the times Mr. Woo twisted his torso while keeping the ball balanced on his head. Kendra said the highlight was when Mr. Woo took his warm-up shirt off while still managing to keep the ball in place on his back.

The highlight of Saturday’s SoccerPalooza, a daylong youth soccer fair at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, was watching the South Korean freestyle artist perform feats of soccer skill.

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