Thursday, May 22, 2008

Viking Cup Faces Uncertain Future

Today marks the 24th running of the Viking Cup, one of the state's oldest soccer tournaments.

From the Kitsap Sun.

Tournament organizers have been tossing around ideas to celebrate next year's silver anniversary. Ideas have included bringing teams from Norway to the Scandinavian-themed town.

Because of changes from the state's governing body of club soccer, there's a chance there will be no anniversary to celebrate. Or, the tournament could be moved from its customary Memorial Day weekend slot.

The Washington Youth Soccer Association mandates that tryouts can't happen until after the state cup tournaments. This year, the state cup ended in March, but next year, it'll won't end until May, which gives precious little time for teams to organize and play in the Viking Cup.

"It's put a bit of a crimp in the tournament," said Aaron Vernick, president of the North Kitsap soccer club.

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