Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Naming Kitsap Soccer Club

UPDATE: You can now vote for the Kitsap Soccer Club name online at www.KitsapSoccerClub.com

One of the most fun parts of getting on board with a club as they are being born is brainstorming possible names for that club.

In the case of Kitsap Soccer Club, which plans to kick off in the USL Premier Development League in 2009, we have a challenge on our hands. Should the name be something local? Something that sounds good phonetically? Something traditional? Something that takes a risk?

The club has already mentioned that they'll hold an on-line name the team contest. We don't know yet if they'll supply the choices or if fans can submit their own. In recent weeks we've heard owner Robin Waite suggest Pipers, Pilots, Pumas, Paladins and Kaisers.

"Pipers" is OK, and would sound good, though it certainly leans towards a Scottish flair. "Pilots" works but of course was once used locally for a one-year Seattle pro baseball club. "Pumas" has the two-syllable thing going, but isn't very local. "Paladins" is original and clever because it plays off of the Bremerton "Knights" name (local high school and stadium Kitsap will play in). It might be a bit obscure. "Kaisers" adds the double 'k' sound, but is rather German.

Here are three names I'd like to suggest, with reasons why I think they would work.

My favorite is Kitsap Kayaks. It has the 'sound' thing going for it, and it also reminds me of the local waters here in the West Sound, where quiet tides are often cut by the bows of kayakers crossing from shore to shore. It is also original, and everyone knows what a kayak is. There is also a nod to the native population, as the word is of Eskimo origin.

I also really like Kitsap Destroyers. It would be going an entirely different direction, and might even be a big seller if the crest was done right. Destroyers are the fast-moving warships that made a big difference in World War II. The Bremerton waterfront is the resting home for the U.S.S. Turner Joy, a famous destroyer.

More on the risky end but still cool is the name Kitsap Kites. Kites has the alliteration down, and could offer multiple crest options. There is the traditional flying kite we all are familiar with. There are also 'kites' that power ships as sails, or 'kite sails.' (Edit: an email sent to me reminded that Africa is the home of Kite Falcons. Further, the term kite is used widely amongst bird watchers.)

Sometime before the end of the year www.KitsapSoccerClub.com will come online as a first official sign that the team is about to form. What will the name be for the local side? What is your favorite choice?


Tezcatzontecatl said...

Bremelo FC

ERic said...

I hate alliteration.

However, your choices all make sense for the area.

Jenni said...

I vote twice for Kitsap Paladins.

david said...

liked Kayaks- so another vote for that.