Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seattle to join Pumas in 2009 PDL competition

The United Soccer Leagues today released information about the 2009 structure of the Premier Development League (PDL).

The eye-opening development is that Seattle is listed as a club competing along with Tacoma Tide and the new Kitsap Pumas next season.

Seattle (as well as Kitsap) both have a "TBA" (To be announced) listed after their names:

Northwest Division: Abbotsford Mariners, Cascade Surge, Kitsap (TBA), Portland Timbers U23, Seattle (TBA), Spokane Spiders, Tacoma Tide, Vancouver Whitecaps Residency, Victoria Highlanders, Yakima Reds.

It is not yet known who will be running the Seattle club. Will it be Sounders FC, since MLS recently disbanded its reserve league? Could it be Seattle Wolves FC, who hope to join the USL Second Division in 2010? The Wolves have previously told me that they will be in the Pacific Coast Soccer League again in 2009, but perhaps after the recent league meetings this has changed.

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